smart society

A Fully Alive Digital Society

Billing & Accounting

100% Automated Society Billing & maintenance with online collections, and payment gateway.

Assets & Document

Digitized and maintain all society / property / assets related documents in one place.


Share your thoughts without sharing contact details, give your opinion via polls, get notified, email/SMS, and much more.

Resource & Amenities

Comprehensive and easy to use Resource Booking Interface

Parking Management

RFID-based solution for one stop tracking management of vehicle movement and parking.


Central tracking of Society members' complaints and suggestions and managing them using the online Society Helpdesk on the go!

Staff & Security

Schedule & stay updated on guard duties and staff with real-time management.

Events & Gallery

View and Share the event gallery and List of events, and achievements, that the Society conducted and attended.

School Bus @ Gate

Confirm and keep your kids safe with quick and easy school bus tracking.

User Interface

Admin and member will have their own easy user interface to manage and maintain all the features and records in one place.


Secure your society, assets, property, and all their related documents by digitizing them forever

Property Locker

The society and members will have their own property locker to keep safe and save all the important documents / bills / NOC / certificates etc.

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  • be your own boss in life
  • Dedicated Account Manager during Pre-Sales and Post-Sales.
  • Intensive Training Program
  • In-depth Product, Marketing Collaterals, and Documents
  • Self-service Tutorials
  • Early Access to New Products and Feature release
  • Branding Under the smart society Partnership Page
  • Dedicated smart society Account for Demo during Prospect Discussions

GST Compliant Billing & Accounting

Automated Society Billing & Collections

  • Generate Recurring Invoices to be sent out automatically on a given date every month. based on a formula or fixed value or both.

  • Automatically calculate late payment fees using multiple penalty options.

  • online collect payments from members to avoid effort, time, and expenses.

  • Schedule and send defaulter reports to members every day/week Via Email / SMS / and many more reminders for overdue invoices.

  • Automatically send copies of the ledger or statement to members every month for confirmation.

Collection & Payment Gateway

  • Collect payments from members instantly using payment gateways and UPI.
  • Increase the society’s on-time collections.
  • Automatic issuance of payment receipts to members.
  • Up-to-date real-time reporting of defaulters
  • Reduce society’s daily accounting work and expenses by more than 70% – leading to cost savings.
  • Society can pay its daily/monthly expenses, bills, and salaries through a payment gateway/UPI at any point in time.
  • Keep all records in one place by making online timely payments of government taxes and dues.

Bill & Expense Tracking

  • Overcome expenses easily by allocating budget funds under various items along the track.
  • Plan your budget with transparency in social spending.
  • Execute your plans and use money wisely by setting aside all your capital and maintenance expenses.
  • Plan the payment of your bills and expenses according to the real balance of your bank account and petty cash.
  • Get Budget Variance Reports to track and maintained/execute your plans.
  • Get easy reports of your daily and planned expenses.

Complete Accounting with GST

  • Complete accounting software for real-time financial statements with GST support.
  • A Complete accounting functionality – from defining a GST, TDS, and other TAX of accounts to the generation of the final balance sheet.
  • Individual sub-ledgers and account statements for all Units (Flats/Villas/shops) and Vendors
  • all the Adjustments (Journal Entries) to credit/debit to relevant Account Heads and Sub-ledgers.
  • Fully functional remote login for society’s Accountant/Auditor to validate the accounts, perform adjustments and generate a final balance sheet.
  • More than 100+ financial report generation features.

Bookkeeping Services

  • It will be easier for each employee to maintain your account.
  • Easier to keep daily accounts of all cash and bank challan/bills/vouchers.
  • Easier to keep Bank and cash reconciliation.
  • Providing monthly reports on various statutory liabilities, like Service Tax and TDS.
  • Easier to file the quarterly e-TDS returns and generate Form-16A
  • It will be very easy for the statutory auditors to audit the books of accounts.

QR Code-based Assets & Document Management

Track and update information about the Assets

  • Single view for all assets, their attributes, and their service / AMC details history.
  • Create asset groups and capture details of assets like Lifts, Fire Equipment, Pumps, Electrical Fittings, Borewells, etc.
  • Get auto reminder notifications before each service is due
  • Easily set up and organize all inventory items like Diesel, Water, Bulbs, etc. easily through a QR code.
  • Optimize inventory consumption by using advanced inventory reports.

Assets Document Management

  • Track all service history and AMC details about the Assets
  • Track the purchase, consumption, and stock level of each item in the inventory through a QR code.
  • Maintain a record of all documents related to the guarantee/warranty of property and AMC and maintenance etc.
  • Maintain in one place all the documents related to the repair/replacement of the assets involved in the maintenance of the property.

Inter-Society communication

Chat & intercom

  • Society residents can interact with each other without sharing their contact details.
  • Members can create chat groups of common interests. like cricket, yoga, carom, dance, rangoli and many, many more.
  • Members will have the option to subscribe and unsubscribe from the chat groups.
  • There will also be an option to attach a photo, contact, smiley, or video to the chat.
  • A golden opportunity to connect and interact with neighboring societies.
  • Members can use it as an intercom to communicate with security guards and other members of society.

Society Chat & Polls Management

  • A default chat group is created between Management and the Apartment to quickly resolve issues
  • Create polls with multiple options to be voted by Society members on any topic, issue, or Election.
  • Set Poll end date and time. A poll will be auto-closed on the given date/time.
  • You can raise your voice by participating in polls/elections from anywhere at any time without spending any extra time.
  • Any member can share lost and found product details with an image.

official formal group

  • society can send messages and various notifications to all members of society at once through SMS and/or emails.
  • We can also send messages to all the residents which include tenants as well, of a building /wing about upcoming water cuts, electricity load shedding, etc.
  • We can also form formal groups for social management such as a purchase committee, management committee, treasury, or even a special committee for a particular project, etc.
  • The Committee may also send a Statement of Account / Outstanding Report / Ledger Book and an outstanding reminder to any member through it.
  • It can be used for any type of collective or individual declaration.

Resource & Amenities

Add new Facilities to your Society Complex.

  • Society members can book resources as defined by society. i.e., club house/ community hall/ gymkhana and lawn, etc.
  • Management can control to acceptance/rejection of booking time slots along with pricing for utilizing the resources. i.e., per 30-minute pricing or hourly, or pricing for the whole day. etc.
  • Society members can pre-book each facility as per availability keeping in view the features like charges, usage rules, booking limits, etc.
  • The System will automatically generate a Payment Request against the flat if the cost is associated with using that facility.
  • Members can pay for using the facility through payment gateways.

Parking Management

One-stop tracking management of vehicles.

  • RFID-based solution for one stop tracking management of vehicle movement and parking.
  • With Vehicle Sentry, get alerts whenever your vehicle moves in/out of the building. “Smart lock” your vehicle from your phone and prevent attempts to take the vehicle out of the building gates.
  • It will be very easy to stop and track wrong parking vehicles in society.
  • An easy way to manage reserved parking for vehicles.
  • Automatically generate the wrong parking notification or fine and send it to the owner.
  • Manage visitor parking space smartly.


Central tracking of Complaints and Suggestions

  • any member can raise the issue of his individual or group/society problem Through the helpdesk.
  • Members can add media images and comments to complaints or suggestions while tracking the progress of the complaint ticket.
  • Members can close the Tickets related to their Flat (Personal Complaints) or Community Tickets (Common Complaints) raised by them.
  • Admin can assign the ticket to the concerned team or Admin can create Tickets on behalf of Members.
  • For individual complaints, only the admin and complaint owner can add comments, in the rest of the common complaints, any member of the society can give their opinion and can also keep track of its progress and status.
  • Maintain complaints and their historical track record in one place.
  • Easy to maintain “lost and found” helpline desk through the helpdesk

Gatekeeper Management

Staff / Helper Management

  • Keep a tab of the activities happening at your society gate and be aware of the entry and exit of staff in real time.
  • It allows you to track the real-time entry and exit of your society and household employees.
  • Automated Attendance Sheet with Biometric Assistance to Update Attendance.
  • track and update your Society staff like Maids, electricians, plumbers, Gardner, Sweepers, Drivers, etc. with ID Proof and photos.
  • Manage employee/assistant work records and services efforts digitally. And set reminders for their next service date so you never miss due dates.

Visitor Management

  • Enhance Security and reduce the time & effort to enroll visitors
  • Capture visitor photos along with the visitor details like Name, Flat to visit, purpose, vehicle number, entry gate, entry time, visitor address, etc.
  • Call residents directly from the app when a guest arrives at any flat.
  • Auto-filled the details of frequent visitors.
  • Pre-authorize the entry of visitors to the community. Make guests feel welcome.
  • Search and fetch visitor information instantly.
  • Conduct analysis/reporting of visitor data quickly and easily.
  • Put a stop to unwanted visitors

Delivery/Courier Management

  • Get SMS, and Push Notifications with images for every delivery.
  • Notify the residents of their delivery at the gate or records frequent suppliers like water tank, paper, etc.
  • Confirm Member’s Approval for Taxi/Cab Arrival Notification.
  • Easily manage your incoming parcels even in your absence.


  • Track items being carried out of the gate by vendors, service staff, and visitors
  • Maintain a record of the material moving out of your flat or your society
  • Take pictures of the material and prevent any misinformation and misuse.
  • Instant notification to Security Staff at the Gate
  • Works seamlessly with the Asset Management and Gatekeeper features
  • Help Security validates goods being carried out, reduce chances of theft, and spare staff from questioning
  • GatePass app creates unique identity numbers for each domestic staff (Housekeeping, Driver, Cook, etc.). Residents get an alert on their mobile on arrival or exit of staff. Residents can also rate staff and refer them to other residents.

Guard and Patrolling

  • Schedule & stay updated on guard duties and staff with real-time management.
  • Your society can sleep peacefully at night with our foolproof guard patrol tracking system
  • Define your own security guard patrol routes and checkpoints inside your apartment society
  • Each checkpoint is geo-tagged to ensure the guard actually covers that location
  • Guards can check in at the checkpoints using a QR Code, NFC Card, or any other security system with the help of GPS Map longitude and latitude
  • Define your own patrol timings and get real-time alerts in case of violations
  • Keep accurate track of all patrols inside your society and get detailed automated reports
  • No need to maintain an attendance register for staff, security guards, and other vendors. manage their accounting direct in the society app system.


  • No need to maintain an attendance register for staff, security guards, and other vendors. manage their accounting direct in the society app system.
  • Find Domestic Help, View/Provide Reviews, View Attendance
  • Effortless management of each document.
  • Manage community staff and vendors digitally using the Gatekeeper app. Check their track records provided by others.
  • The gatekeeper app track staff & vendors’ attendance digitally. No need to maintain a register for attendance.
  • The gatekeeper app manages vendors’ invoices, GST, TDS, and payments digitally. Also, set reminders and never miss the due dates.

Events & Gallery

Happy moments memories

  • You can easily see the details of every upcoming event here.
  • Before setting up an event, it would be easy to use a poll to get feedback by-polls on the date, event, and time of all community members
  • Events and their budget are finalized through online chat or group chat.
  • Share every event detail with all members through the gallery.
  • Memorable photos and videos of any event or achievement can be shared through the gallery
  • The sharing member/admin will have the right to share it with the society or any particular member or socially.
  • If the member/admin wants, any shared images or documents can be removed by expressing their objection.
  • Members/Admins can directly share their images/videos on their social media platforms from here.
  • All the users can like an image or give their comments on an image
  • Image Gallery can be used to share images related to social events with society users.
  • Create events, set contribution amounts, send the digital invite, and collect contributions online

School Bus @ Gate

Quick and Easy School Bus Tracking

  • Easily create or join a school bus route that your child takes every day
  • Get instant notifications when the school bus arrives at the gate to pick up or drop off your child.
  • Track the history of school bus timings.
  • Communicate with other parents in your apartment complex following the same bus route.
  • Add multiple bus routes for each school if needed.
  • Information and details about other bus service providers.

User Interface

For Residents

  • Digitization of property and all related documents for easy to maintain all the record.
  • All the details related to accounting like bills, ledger, dues, and interest/penalty.
  • The payment gateway for payment of bills and facilities.
  • Official Communication, Community Helpdesk, Chat, intercom, and group.
  • All parking-related notifications and their availability.
  • Advance booking of resources and facilities to enjoy Society facilities.
  • intercom facility for easy and instant communication with other members and security guards.
  • Manage Visitors & Parcels from your Phone, Search for New Helpers, Track attendance of Helpers.
  • events & gallery app for enjoying and participating in events and Hobby classes.
  • Easily create or join and track a school bus route that your child takes every day.
  • Secure all your property and personal documents and personal ID with the help of Property Locker and use it online wherever you are.
  • And many more such facilities that will make your lifestyle even easier.
  • User app for overview and maintenance of multiple city/town apartment property units from a single app.

For Admin

  • Admin has full rights to all apps i.e., Digitization, Accounting, Assets & Documents, and Communications. Resources and Facilities, Parking, Help Desk, Gatekeeper, Events and Galleries, School Bus @ Gate, and User Desk, etc. shall have the right to enter, edit, delete and control all types of entry.
  • Admin can increase or decrease any feature or related facility at any time.
  • Admin reserves the right to completely deactivate any feature of any App at any time.
  • Ensure the best Utilization of Facilities’ Foolproof access management


Digitization of Property and Documents

  • Every property and document of society will be digitized
  • Every floor plan and flat/office/shop etc. of the society will be updated as per its original documents. Every measurement thereof will be clearly shown.
  • All the documents of every property and asset of the society will be digitized and updated, including all types of NOC and government Permission received by the society.
  • All the documents of all types of contractors of the society and their valid contract date will be updated with the contract document, contact, and name and address of their company/person.
  • All the documents of all types of assets of the Society and their valid warranty/guaranty dates will be updated with the purchase bill and contract bill documents, contacts, and their company / individual name and address.
  • The complete information verified documents of all the employees working in the society will be updated with their salary, address, and contact number. with all the accountability in detail.
  • The society will also have its own property locker to keep safe and save all the documents/bills/NOC/certificates etc. related to the society.

Property Locker

Keep your property in your hands and stay safe

  • The purpose of property Locker is to give the authenticity of all types of documents attached to the property of the property owner.
  • The interface of property Locker is simple. It has different categories of documents for all types of documents.
  • To ‘Digital Empowerment of the property owner by providing access to digital documents.
  • To keep and make available all the important documents related to their property to the owners anytime, anywhere.
  • Through the property locker, the owner has to be given the right to know which documents related to him are present in society.
  • The owner can share these documents online as per his requirement without any permission.
  • property Locker is safe to use. The app is designed with all necessary security measures to keep your personal data safe.
  • The next important security measure is mobile authentication-based sign-up. Users are authenticated using Mobile OTP when they access property Locker App
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